Frequently Asked Ghost Tour Questions

What Time Should I Arrive?

At least 20 minutes before your scheduled tour. Tours leave promptly and you do not want to be late. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to use the restroom in advance,  find parking,  and join us at the Black Cat Shoppe at 246 Middle St, New Bern, NC 28560.

What If I Am Late?

If you have already purchased tickets and you are late, make your first stop the Black Cat Shoppe at 246 Middle St, New Bern, NC 28560. The Staff will give you the first two stops of the Guides tour so that you can find them. Please note that the tour varies every night and with no fixed routes and over 20 locations to pick from (of which we do 5 stops a night), if you are more than 15 minutes late you may need to wander town trying to locate the tour

Do I Need To Be Able To Print My Online Tickets?

No. All Guides will have an Online Ticket Sale Guest List. Just give us the name you used to purchase your tickets.

Are Tours Rain Or Shine?

Yes. We never seek shelter or cancel a tour due to rain, no matter how heavy or wet. Umbrella's, ponchos and raincoats are welcome. You can also buy .99 cent ponchos at the Black Cat Shoppe. 

What About More Severe Weather Like Lightning or Hurricanes?

Once a tour starts, we finish it. If at any point during the tour your guide feels severe weather is an immediate or imminent threat, they will seek shelter and then continue telling stories under the the safety of the shelter. Once the threat of severe weather passes the Guide will return to their route. If the threat does not pass, the Guide will continue storytelling from the safety of the shelter until the culmination of the tour. 

Please keep in mind that in the summer there is always heat, sheet and summer lighting rumbling through the atmosphere, but it rarely impacts our tour. However, if you have concerns with our local weather vagaries, wait to purchase your tickets until just before the tour starts (though keep in mind our tours can sell out).  

Regarding hurricanes, once the NOAA issues a watch or warning we cancel our tours and issue full refunds. 

What Is Your Refund/Exchange Policy?

All tours are Live Venue Performances (ie. theater, concert, sporting event, etc.), with no two performances being alike. Tickets are purchased for a specific date/time performance and are listed as only valid for that performance. Guides are assigned and commit to tours at least 24 hours in advance for Ghost Walk. Prospective Guests are turned away once a performance is "Sold Out," or if remaining tickets exceed guests availability (ie. only 12 tickets remain but they have a party of 13). Therefore our refund & exchange policy is similar to many other Live Venue Performance attractions.


Ghost Walk tickets can be refunded up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled performance. Etix ticket holders must request a refund directly from Etix HERE at least 24 HOURS prior to scheduled performance. No Exceptions

Refund terms are the same for Black Cat Shoppe ticket holders, however refund requests must be made IN-PERSON at the Black Cat Shoppe, with intact tickets and store receipt 


Ghost Walk tickets can be exchanged up to 1 hour prior to your scheduled performance. 

Online Etix ticket holders must request a ticket exchange directly from Etix HERE at least 3 HOURS prior to scheduled performance. Between 1-3 hours prior to scheduled performance, Etix ticket holders must request their exchanges in-person at the Black Cat Shoppe. No Exceptions

Exchange terms are the same for Black Cat Shoppe ticket holders, however exchange requests must be made IN-PERSON at the Wilmington Black Cat Shoppe, with intact tickets and store receipt

Once a ticket is exchanged it cannot be exchanged a second time, and Guest agrees to forfeit all future refund rights

ETIX: You can also find additional contact information at or in your ticket purchase confirmation email. 

THE BLACK CAT SHOPPE: 246 Middle St, New Bern, NC 28560

Can I Bring My Dog On The GHOST TOUR

On the Ghost Walk & Hollywood, dogs are welcome, but there are a few rules.

  1. You are responsible for your dog's conduct and behavior
  2. Your dog must be on a leash and restrained the entire tour. If the dog is a Service Animal, the dog must be under the control of the handler at all times. 
  3. If any other Guest has a fear of dogs or is uncomfortable with your dog for ANY REASON, including therapy dogs, emotional support dogs and companion dogs, you will not be permitted to attend the tour unless the dog is a Service Animal required for a disability, or a service animal in training, according to the ADA limits and definitions. 
  4. ANY dog, including a Service Animal or a Service Animal in training, that shows aggression towards people or other animals, that barks, growls or whines (unless trained to do so as a warning sign to a handler per ADA Guidelines), or that is disruptive to the normal course of the tour, will be asked to leave the tour 
  5. If your dog is a cat, snake, pig, tiger, tiger shark or anything other than a dog, you CANNOT bring it on the tour.
  6. Please CLICK HERE to visit NCDHHS for more information on Service Animals